Sunday, November 15, 2020

What is Fall of the Last City?

“Long ago Kings in their Castles played a game called Chess to learn the arts of war. But war has changed and now we have a new game...”

Fall of the Last City is an abstract real time strategy game played in the apocalyptic future. The people who play this game cobble together the pieces from scrap metal and salvaged nuts and bolts. It’s a harsh and unforgiving game that reflects the wasteland that gave it birth and the hard men and women that live the lessons it teaches.

Everyone moves at once each round. This is a six player game where it is always your turn!

The game board is dynamically built and destroyed every turn, every aspect of the game gives the player meaningful choices.

Player interaction uses a challenge system based on the classic prisoner’s dilemma. The game can not be won through tactics or politics alone.

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