Friday, December 16, 2016

Day 38: FotLC through the 113 lenses from The Art of Game Design

Day 38 - Lens 55: The Lens of Visible Progress
Players need to see that they are making progress when solving a difficult problem. To make sure they are getting this feedback, ask yourself these questions:

What does it mean to make progress in my game?
Progress is depleting the guards of the city, placing bases to control territory, making alliances and taking the Heads of the City.

Is there enough progress in my game? Is there a way I can add more interim steps of progressive success?
I think there are enough indicators of progress. The swinginess of taking the Last City is hard to show and leaves many players feeling startled by the outcome.

What progress is visible, and what progress is hidden? Can I find a way to reveal what is hidden?
Progress toward emptying the City of Citizens is clearly shown. Progress toward controlling bases is clearly shown. Your progress in amassing warriors is know to you but hidden to the other players. Territory control is partially visible in that it will change when the last City is taken and whether you can take it is unknown. Progress in accumulating alliances is visible for everyone, but they shift over the course of the game.

Maybe having a point track or dial so you could track your progress, maybe with a 'if I take the city second dial? It might just be excess but it could be thematic and help some players understand where they are?

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