Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Intensive playtest meetup details!

This is the Meetup event for the Fall of the Last City Intensive Playtest. I need players of all experience levels, so whether you have played my game before or just think board games are cool please sign up! I need at least 6 players to make the test run. Having alternates would be cool and if we get 12 I have two copies of the game so the more the merrier. I'll be providing snacks, pizza and beer! I would like to start closer to noon than 2 and want to be done before the listed time of 6 so that I can head out to a social engagement that evening. If I don't get enough players by Friday night I'll reschedule for after the holidays.
The location will be 77 Mystic St in Medford MA. The 94 bus from Davis Sq. stops at our corner. Also there is parking in our long driveway.


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