Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Day 6: FotLC through the 113 lenses from The Art of Game Design

Day 6 - Lense 21: The Lens of Flow
To use this lens, Consider what is holding your player's focus. Ask yourself these questions:

Does my game have clear goals? If not how can I fix that?
The goals of the game are not clear... or rather it's not clear how to achieve the goal. Since there are three things that contribute to winning and one, territory control is somewhat complex.

I think that I can do better at describing the goals in the intro.

Are the goals of the player the same as the goals I intend?
Mostly I think so. It sometimes happens that a player decides that they can't win and changes their goals to either disruption or Kingmaking. If both are fun that might not be a problem.

Do parts of the game distract players so they forget their goal? If so, can these distractions be reduced, or tied into the game goals?
Players often decide the way they will win is by collecting guards, talking bases or some other thing that is not actually the best way to get victory points... but that's an issue of learning strategy. The social aspects of the game can take over, with challenges and alliances becoming the focus, but I also think that's ok...

Does my game provide a steady stream of gradually increasing challenges?
I think that depends on who you play it with. I hope that if you play with a consistent group of players that the game becomes more challenging as everyones skill and understanding increase.

Are the player's skills improving as expected? If not, how can I change that? 

Over the course of a single game I usually se a good increase in skill. I lack the data to know how that will progress over dozens of games. 

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