Sunday, November 13, 2016

Day 14: FotLC through the 113 lenses from The Art of Game Design

Day 14 - Lens 105: The Lens of The Crystal Ball
If you would like to know the future of a particular game technology, ask yourself these questions, and make your answers as concrete as possible:

What will ___ be like two years from now? Why?
What will ___ be like five years from now? Why?
What will ___ be like ten years from now? Why?

So, this one is pretty un-related to making a board game... but it begs the question of what technologies could be used with my game if they were more advanced, or even now. I'm going to write a little about that instead.

Because of the way I implemented theme in my game, making it a game played in the post-apocalyptic future rather that a game about that future, it is pretty averse to using any technology... but for the sake of argument:

VR technology could be cool in that it could immerse you in the setting. It would be a little strange to put on a headset to play a board game, but it might be worth it to play the game in a corrugated iron hovel with the toxic wind howling outside.

AR technology, Hololens, might be a good thing as the game has a lot of fiddly bits and being able to play it on an imaginary table without dealing with the pieces could be a good thing.

A app or computer version of the game in general could be good in that it would facilitate online organized play.

There is a modular reactive interconnecting hexes technology that might be useful to use for the paths if it could be made to light the possible movement available to you when you touch your pawn, or maybe show everyone's at once. That could actually help people with their situational awareness and promote path removal as a movement control tactic.

3D printing might be a important technology for the game as it would allow me to sell a print and play version with paths that looked like metal scrap. I have thought of using a 3D printer to make a prototype and if I did then I could use that as a way to distribute the game.

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