Monday, January 2, 2017

Day 55: FotLC through the 113 lenses from The Art of Game Design

Day 55 - Lens 94: The Lens of Atmosphere
Atmosphere is invisible and intangible. But somehow it envelopes us, permeates us, and makes us part of the world. To make sure the atmosphere of your world is properly intoxicating, ask yourself these questions:

Without using words, how can I describe the atmosphere of my game?
So onomonopia? Maybe tense orchestral music? Or driving metal rock? It the image of a old gas mask or a beaten nuclear warning sign? I like the distinction between atmosphere and theme. I have been using theme to mean both deeper meaning and set dressing, atmosphere is better.

How can I use artistic control (both visual and audible) to deepen that atmosphere?
I do a lot with the look and feel of the physical game components from the ammo container as the box to the spray painted cloth board and hardware as components for the game.

I haven't thought abut sound much outside of the trailer. I might be able to get Shaun to do a track or two of soundtrack as part of a kickstarter... or maybe even Mike Veloso, if I could raise enough to pay either of them.

The dialect that the rules are written and the way that sounds when's you read the tutorial sections out loud can help if you get a good reader.

I have thought about having some audience call backs for the challenges and fall of the city to increase the ritual feel of the game.

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